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DC Energy Storage System

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DC Energy Storage System
DC power is widely used in low voltage applications such as charging batteries, automotive applications, aircraft applications and other low voltage, low current applications. All solar panels nowadays produce DC power. Common applications in the PV industry are portable solar systems and other off-grid appliances. Therefore, with the widespread use of solar energy, the market volume of DC energy storage systems was significant growth in recent years.

Factory Power Supply

To ensure your factory have sufficient power to keep the machine running, Glory Energy provided DC energy storage system which can hold up to 150kWh capacity and can also be freely adapted according to user needs. And the built-in intelligent BMS helps you to protect your battery systems in all aspect, what’s more the power system work with air conditioner so that it can be installed in cold or high temperature area.

Commercial Power Supply

Install our DC energy storage system to work with PV system, cut your consumption peak and save money by reducing loads. The products use LiFePO4 cells with high safety, good reliability and long cycle life, and the modular design can make your install and maintain easier. On commercial situation, the display module and remote monitoring system helps you to monitor the operating parameters in real time.

Agriculture Energy Storage

In order to practice the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, more and more farms invest in energy storage system for the development and utilization of renewable energy. The DC energy storage system from Glory Energy has good extensibility and supports up to 20 systems in parallel and its protection grade is IP55, which can be installed and used in coastal areas.

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